Operations Evaluation

Golden Retriever

Why have an Evaluation done?

Do you want to ensure your organization is staying current with industry best practices? Is your organization going through a time of transition? Are you tired of dealing with disease management issues?


An Operations Evaluation will provide your organization with an objective assessment of operational functions, and recommendations for improvement.

Our Evaluation includes the following:

  • Review of all written operational policies & procedures, manuals, and documents.

  • 3-5 days onsite observing current practices, meeting with staff/volunteers. 

  • Comprehensive report with summary, analysis of findings, and recommendations based on current ASV Guidelines.

  • Presentation of report (in person or online, depending on location).

  • Two 60 minute follow up consultations (in person or via phone, depending on location). 


Specifically, we will conduct an evaluation of:

  • Facility: examination of all animal housing, surfaces, drainage, air quality, ventilation, light, sound, and drop boxes (if applicable).

  • Operations: population management, disease management, processes for intake, medical care, behaviour assessments, animal care, animal flow, adoptability guidelines, euthanasia protocols, adoption processes and record keeping.

  • Animals: nutrition, feeding processes, animal well-being & enrichment, animal handling, animal transport protocols.

  • Volunteers/Fosters: recruitment, job descriptions, onboarding, training & development, supervision, and risk management. 

Upon request, evaluation services can also include:

  • Fund Development: fundraising plan, activities/events, record keeping and database.

  • Marketing/Communications: brand, reputation, communications plan, messaging, media & social media, outreach, and education.

  • Board of Directors: bylaws, policies, structure, governance, meetings, training & development.