Project Management

Managing projects and developing animal welfare programs requires dedicated time, expertise, excellent technical writing skills, and the ability to manage a project from start to finish following project management principles. 

Some examples of projects we have developed & implemented in the past include:

  • Capacity for Care - implementation of the shelter management model at all levels of an organization.

  • Association of Shelter Veterinarian Guidelines - assessment of current practices and implementation of improved procedures to meet the expectations of the guidelines.

  • Rescue Transfer Program - developed protocols and best practices for transferring animals in and out of an animal shelter.

  • Capital Campaign Management - developed a case for support, launched a campaign, raised funds, solicited material donations, and coordinated renovations for animal shelters/holding facilities.

  • Canine Enrichment Program - to ensure dogs in a shelter had sufficient exercise and mental stimulation.

  • Leadership Development Program - researched, developed and implemented program for staff and volunteers.


These are just some examples - please contact us to discuss how we can assist your specific organization.


Kristina Segall, Medicine Hat SPCA

My primary area of focus was on fund development when working with Katie. Katie, came in and was very knowledgeable on this topic and implemented several successful strategies that helped us increase operational funding as well as securing funding to start a large, four phase shelter renovation project.  


Katie is a very talented grant writer, which helped us start the first phase of our renovation project. She developed a strong Case for Support document that included a road map of where we were going and what we desperately needed, to ensure we could meet our community and animals needs. She included different funding levels that would be attractive to businesses and individual donors. She met with prospective donors and ensured they knew the importance of this project and the positive effects it would have on our shelter animals and our community.

Katie, can work with you to develop successful strategies to ensure your fundraising efforts are maximized to help all the homeless animals that need your help! Katie, helped us and I know she can help you too!

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